75,000 Missing Black Females In Addition To The 1.5 Million Black Men And Boys Unaccounted For Nationwide!
Why Are We Tolerating This?
2.25 Million Of Our People Unaccounted For, We Need To Do Our Own Census And Find Out What's Happening To 

African American Independent 
Think Tank
the writing on the wall 
Corporations Whose (corporations are people too) Treachery Has Served To Enslave These United States of America By Conducting Business In A Manner That Is To The Physical And Emotional Detriment Of 
We The People

The African American Independent Public Domain
 4GetU List 2020

🖤✊🏾✌🏾  #AAIPD Fact: The Opposition Will Come For US When We Bring Truth.
Bring It Anyway!
AAIPD.name, FAMTREE.name, MBFs.name are not and will not be seeking a registered non-profit organization status and Will Remain 
Respectfully, Pamela Mosby-Bronson
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Nike Must Atone
By Contributing  Stock Toward 
 Communal Reparations
is  relentless... AS WE MUST BE